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Extended Sculpt Tools v2.0.0.6 for Blender 2.83+

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Extended Sculpt Tools v2.0.0.6


  • Insert Custom meshes in sculpt mode
  • Draw topology over surfaces
  • Duplicate operations
  • Decimate Mesh
  • Separate Mesh
  • Delete mesh
  • Fill holes
  • Remesh Union
  • And many more!
See the addon in action-

Making Doraemon Fanart

Stylized Male Base Mesh

Creating a stylized Blockout Male base mesh

Insert Custom Mesh:

This feature enables you to add custom meshes in Sculpt mode. When you insert a new mesh it will automatically mask other parts, so that you can manipulate it easily. It supports X,Y,Z symmetry. Blocking out characters is much easier now!

Duplicate parts in sculpt mode

With this feature you can duplicate Unmasked, Masked and Visible parts of the sculpt in sculpt mode itself, without losing your Facesets Data.

Separate Parts of your sculpt into New objects

Separate Unmasked, masked, visible and hidden parts into a new object, with this one-click feature.

Delete Parts without losing Facesets

You can delete parts of your sculpt with this one-click button. (Supports Masked, Unmasked, visible and hidden delete)

And many more useful features like Decimate (Masked, unmasked, visible parts without losing face sets), Symmetrize Objects without losing face sets etc.


Get started-

Text Documentation

Video Tutorial



What's new in

  • Many Bug Fixes
  • Improved user experience
  • New menus at topbar. You can toggle them on and off
  • Removed shortcut Alt Space
  • Fixed: Now it should work even if the active object is not highlighted.

What's new in

  • Draw Topology in sculpt mode using the Annotation tool (See the documentation on how to use it)
  • Select and insert Custom meshes from multiple blend files
  • Remesh Union- Connects intersecting parts of the mesh
  • Remesh Union- Subtract mesh also supported
  • Better Snap to middle feature- No need to disable symmetry when using snapping.
  • Undo alternative- When performing EST operations like insert mesh, duplicate, decimate etc. earlier we couldn't undo the actions. To solve the issue- New Keep Copy option (available in General settings panel) to keep a copy of the current mesh when performing operations. If enabled every time you perform an EST operation, a copy will be kept.
  • You can use the Restore copy button to restore the copied version of the mesh.
  • New Documentation site

What's new in v2.0.0.3:

Bug fixed- Align to normal now aligns inserted mesh correctly

Shade smooth and shade flat your sculpts in sculpt mode

What's new in v2.0.0.2:

  • Made changes to how inserted meshes are oriented
  • Align to normal now aligns inserted mesh correctly
  • When Align to normal is off, inserted meshes are now aligned to global axises
  • New Modeling tool implementation. It is in a very early stage but you all can try it out.
  • Extrude single face, extrude face sets, extrude face loops, and extrude coplanar, directly in sculpt mode.

What's new in v2.0.0.0:

  • Inserting mesh is much faster and easier. Just press Shift+Alt+Right click where you want to insert the mesh.
  • New popup for selecting custom meshes- press Alt + Right-click
  • New Align to face normal when inserting mesh.
  • Custom meshes are now inserted with the origin at the click position. This makes manipulating inserting mesh much easier and comfortable.
  • Tooltips for the buttons are now available
  • Very easy to setup
  • Performance improvements

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You'll get a Custom Mesh Blend file and the addon

Insert Custom meshes
Duplicate meshes in sculpt mode
Symmetrize (without loosing faceset)
Delete parts
Seperate parts
Draw Topology
Remesh union
And many more

Extended Sculpt Tools v2.0.0.6 for Blender 2.83+